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Noise Dosimeter
(DGMS Approved no:s SA-11/2008) Noise is the single most prevalent occupational hazard and is reported to exist in at least 70% of all workplaces. Employee wears the noise dosimeter during a work shift and it measures noise levels at all the locations the employee visits.
  • Multiple "virtual dosimeters" in each instrument permits measurement against more than
      one standard at a time.
  • Provides real – time indication of exposure status Vs defined limits.
  • Up to 2 or 4 independent dosimeters in one
  • Optional vibrating alarm
  • Class/Type 2 accuracy
  • Programmable twice daily or (1) one time scheduled runs
  • Optional QuestSuite® Professional II with virtual docking station
  • Real-time compliance indicator
  • English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian languages
  • Optional boom microphone
  • Microphone removal detection
  • IP-65 rated, industrial grade cast aluminum case
  • High-Speed infrared RS-232 communications
  • Statistical distribution profiling via QuestSuite® Professional II
  • Programmable twice daily or up to (4) one-time scheduled runs
  • Data shuttle carries results from multiple dosimeters in the field or on the plant floor back to your computer
  • Expanded time history data

  • Edge-Wireless Noise Dosimeter
  • Convenient and efficient cable free design eliminates the microphone cable
  • Shoulder mount, small and compact frame offers superior comfort
  • Intrinsically safe also available
  • Even with its sleek size, you can display SPL, Dose, Lavg or Leq, TWA, Max Level, Min Level, Peak Level, Exposure and Run Time while in run mode. No other cable-free dosimeter on the market has this capability! In addition, the display will show a visual indicator when exposure limits have been exceeded.

  • Convenient and efficient cable-free design eliminates the microphone cable and
      the potential to get in the way.
  • Thin, contoured shoulder mount hugs your shoulder. Small and compact frame
      offers superior comfort.
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery enables The Edge to have the longest
       battery life in the industry for cable-free dosimeters.
  • Offered with 1 or 5 bay "EdgeDock" docking stations for quick and easy recharge.
      Download data to PC through docking station.
  • Downloads to QuestSuite Professional II for analysis and management of
      measurement of data.
  • Three Models Available: The eg3 basic model with summary data report; and the eg4 and the eg5 advanced
      models with dual dosimeters and data
  • logging/time history. The eg5 meets the American and International standards for intrinsic safety.