Water Treatment Tech

  • Microbial Culture for WaterTreatment
  • Blue green Algae Removing Product in Lakes
  • Waste Water Purifier - SHIELD 500
  • Portable Water Purifier - SOLAR BAG
  • On-Line TOC Analyzer with Telemetry
  • On-Line Analyzers
  • On-Line Colorimetric Analyzer
  • On-Line Optical DO Analyzer with Controlle
  • Hydro carbon Analyzer in water
  • UV COD Analyzer
  • On-Line Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons Analyzer
Microbial Culture for WaterTreatment
Effective reduction of ammonia level by more than 30%
Mikros TINTO is a special formulation of lactic acid bacteria which is 100% natural, effective and fast acting in eliminating odors caused by organic sources.

Mikros TINTO contains a microbial consortium made up of different strains of Lactobacillus spp, Bifidobacterium spp and Pediococcus spp which works at the core of the problem by rapidly binding and degrading the compounds that are responsible for causing organic stench.

Mikros HYDROS is a bio-organic solution for degrading dissolved organic materials in water systems.

Mikros HYDROS contains a microbial consortium of hydrolytic, proteolytic and lipolytic bacteria, which effectively degrades pollutants such as phenols, chlorinated aromatics and aromatic hydrocarbons, detergent, fertiliser run-offs, pesticides and heavy metals.