Water Treatment Tech

  • Automatic Water Level Recorder - Level TROLL
  • Multi-Parameter Water Quality Monitor
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Controller for RDO, Level Troll & Multi Parameter Troll
  • Meteorological Weather Monitoring Systems
  • Online Automatic Heat Exchanger Cleaning System
Water Level Indicator
Rugged Conductivity/Level/Temperature Meter

Accurately measure conductivity, water level, and temperature in wells, boreholes, and open bodies of water.

To measure conductivity, the probe uses a four-electrode system. ASME - certified tape is constructed of high-tensile steel, with easy-to-read yellow tape jacketed in medium-density polyethylene to ensure longevity. Electronics module houses an LCD screen displays a conductivity values up to 80,000 μS/cm, and temperature from -20 to 85° C (-4 to 185° F)
Basic Water Level Meter

Water level Indicator are designed & built with measuring tapes Instrument gives both environmental quality & full depth rating in one probe Measuring tapes that comply with ASME and Euro Class-II Standards